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Chloe’s dog bed drives me crazy. It has orthopedic foam, which is good for her older bones, but it’s generic looking – drab brown with a cream top that always looks dirty. It’s plopped on the floor in our living room and takes up a surprising amount of floor space.

While looking around for other options (still haven’t settled on anything, so I would love to hear recommendations!), I discovered furniture for pets has come a long way. I was amazed at the variety of unique furniture pieces designed specifically for dogs and cats that go way beyond the simple dog bed. They are great looking, modern pieces that won’t look out of place in your home. In fact, did you know that catitecture is a term for architecture designed for cats? Yep, they have their own style of architecture (check out this modern, cat-friendly home in Japan)!

furniture for animals, desk for cat.

via architecture

1) It’s a common truth: cat owners can’t get any work done. Cats like to sit on keyboads, on your important papers, in your desk drawer or on your lap … it’s endearing but a little inconvenient! This new desk design solves those problems.

2) A crate that doubles as a side table that would actually look good in your living room.

3) If your dog or cat is a good egg.

4) A teepee for cats? When they are this stylish, why not!

5) If you have a more vintage vibe and don’t mind putting in some sweat equity, you can create your very own, super hip suitcase dog bed.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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