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“I am hoping I have not waited too long to book this for Jake, but he has gone downhill quickly this month.” Crazy how things can change so suddenly — one minute everyone seems fine, the next, not so much. Husky-cross Jake, 12, had been on my radar for a while — a few attempts to schedule a sessions were scuttled due to health issues and weather. After receiving this message from his mom, I was so happy and relieved to arrange a session at his favourite natural while he was still able to enjoy it.

This little piece of outdoor paradise is Jake’s happy place — doesn’t he look happy? Funny thing about this guy, and one of the things I love about him, is that he’s actually a grouch, or, as his mom noted in my questionnaire in the “how would you describe your pet” section: grumpy. This old guy is a classic curmudgeon — his resting face just happens to be happy! I met him, along with the rest of the pack — Bear, Tucker and Ella — or, as I like to call them, the Bronte Park dogs, at the beautiful Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Burlington. Chloe and I visit quite often, and I initially met this gang at the park, long before a session was in the works. Funny how things work out.

Here’s crankypants Jake — oh what a lovable face!

Dog photography at Bronte Creek Provinvial Park in Burlington, Ontario by Happy Tails Pet Photography. GTA dog photos, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, HamiltonAnd Tucker and Bear, who enjoyed exploring the tall grassy fields. Two dogs explore open fields during dog photography session in Ontario park. Candid outdoor pet photography for dogs and cats in southern Ontario and Halton Region. Family photography with pets in Burlington and GTA.Miss Ella is down there on the right. She’s the most wiggle-waggliest (totally made that word up!) golden I’ve ever met. When she walks she looks like a slinky — so cute! Happy, bright, natural light Ontario dog photographer. Happy mixed-breed dog enjoys playing outdoors for dog portraits in Bronte park. Photography for dying or old dogs in GTA and Ontario. A happy dog and his people in beautiful natural setting at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Three happy dogs in Burlington by modern Ontario pet photographer. Toronto dog photographer captures bond between people and pets. Modern, lifestyle, on-location pet photography, capturing the spirit of your pet.What a gang! #squadgoals. Four dog portrait session, pet photography Ontario. Bronte Park dogs on a hill looking in provincial park. Natural, expressive people and pet photography in Toronto, Ontario and beyond. GTA pet photography with personality, natural and candid photos by Happy Tails Pet Photography. Family photography with pets by pet photographer Toronto. Old happy dog in tall grass with blue sky outside, remember your pet with Ontario dog photogaraphy. Remember pet with photography in Ontario. Dog photo, Burlington photographer.As is always the case with Celebration Sessions, I sign off with sad news — Jake passed away shortly after our time together wandering the paths and fields of his favourite park. Pets are family — document them as often as you can, and include them in your family photos. This pack of Bronte Park dogs won’t look like this ever again, but Jake’s place in it will live on in photographs. I’m always happy to help, and it’s an honour to be asked to provide such cherished keepsakes.



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Chloe loves the leash-free area we take her to close to our house – it’s several acres of natural green space and trails in a provincial park. We buy an annual pass to the park each year mainly to use the leash-free area. Chloe knows the area like the back of her paw, and her energy level and spark pick right up as soon as she arrives.

I made this video about dog park tips for another project earlier this summer, but with fall just around the corner, it’s a great time of year to get out and enjoy the dog parks and leash-free areas in your neighbourhood! A few things to keep in mind when watching:

  1. I am not a dog/dog behaviour expert. These are tips that I’ve picked up from experience using our local leash-free area and from other experts in dog training/behaviour.
  2. Chloe and I don’t visit enclosed dog parks. Some dogs really enjoy these parks, but the number of dogs and smaller enclosed space is stressful for Chloe. It’s important to understand your dog and assess if city/neighbourhood dog parks are a good option for you. Consider the signs your dog displays if he/she is anxious, what he/she is like around other strange dogs and what your dog’s general personality is like (ie. is your dog shy, reactionary, etc.). Be attentive and keep an eye on your dog, and remember, dog parks aren’t for every dog!
  3. I am a dork – there is a reason I didn’t choose a career in broadcasting! Chloe, however, is a natural on-camera personality.

When we first got Chloe, we weren’t sure how to choose a dog park or leash-free area, or what made one park better than another. Over time, as we got to know her, we understood her need for space between her and other dogs, and how much she loved to run and explore without other dogs chasing her.

In the video I cover six dog park tips to help you choose a dog park or leash-free area. Not all areas will have all six, but try to find one that includes most for the best experience!

How to Choose a Dog Park or Leash-Free Area

Special credit goes to Dougie, another golden we met at the park during filming – he’s a very young dog with totally different energy than Chloe, but after understanding that Chloe isn’t a “play” dog, the two got along just fine!

Have fun on your next outing!


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It’s not often that I have the opportunity to photograph cats outdoors, especially on an amazing rural property complete with meadows in bloom with buttercups and a charming old farmhouse. Resident cats Edison and Barni love lounging their days away in sunbeams, and Edison, in particular, has lots of freedom to explore the property. Both cats were adopted from local shelters, and big brother Edison has been a part of his owner’s life for 11 years — Lyndsay and Eddi are best friends. Sadly, Eddi was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer — so devastating for the whole family, including a toddler daughter who was just beginning to enjoy his company. Eddi is a real purr monster, so docile and friendly. And kind of fat — he is lovingly referred to as the family’s “watermelon on toothpicks.” Love that!

Lyndsay and her husband hoped to capture their big boy while he was still well enough to enjoy the farm, so they called me in as their cat photographer. We spent a slow Saturday afternoon together, and both cats showed me their favourite spots in the house and outside in the yard.

eddi-1-copy eddi-2-copyEddi’s fur has taken on a red tinge as he’s aged, which the natural window light really highlights. eddi-4-copyBarni being a typical curious cat. I think he would have crawled inside my camera if he could! This is when a wide angle lens can be fun. eddi-5-copy eddi-6-copy eddi-7-copy eddi-8-copy eddi-10-copy eddi-11-copy eddi-14-copy eddi-15-copy eddi-16-copy eddi-19-copy eddi-20-copyThe stealthy watermelon on toothpicks. eddi-22-copy eddi-25-copy eddi-27-copy

Eddi passed away shortly after our session. He’s missed by the whole family — the farm isn’t the same without Eddi. I have a feeling the void will eventually be filled (although never quite entirely) — this couple is so amazing with adopting cats in need.

A common difficulty I hear from owners of black pets is that good photos are difficult to get on their own because the images turn out dark and details of their pet get lost. With the shock and sorrow of a terminal diagnosis, documenting your furry family member shouldn’t be a burden. I love being able to provide memories to people, which will hopefully make them look back and smile for years to come. It was an honour being your cat photographer!



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