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I thought I’d do a little before and after post to give you an idea of what goes into enhancing your photographs. A little technical context first: most photographers shoot images RAW. Photographing in RAW format produces high-quality image files because no information is compressed or lost. The other benefit is you can correct any problems that would be unrecoverable if you set your camera to a format like JPG, which does compress your image data, eliminating some of it in the process. Make sense?

It’s important to have decent gear. But regardless of what equipment you’re using, images shot RAW come out of the camera looking flat and dull, and kind of yucky. This first image of my dog Chloe at her favourite leash-free area is straight out of camera with no adjustments. See how blah it looks? And there’s some kind of blur in the lower right corner, likely from some tall grass, that needs to be fixed.

Chloe, bronte park

And then with some enhancement magic …

Pet photography of golden retriever dog in Ontario park by Happy Tails Pet Photography, Burlington.Some of my adjustments on this photo of Chloe include tweaking the temperature by warming up the glow of the sun peaking through the trees. I also corrected the bottom right corner and added contrast to make the blacks blacker and the whites brighter. I increased the overall vibrancy and then selectively brushed in some saturation to make the colours pop. I finished by adding some sharpening. Because this was a leash-free area, I didn’t have to remove a leash, which is also part of my workflow 99 per cent of the time (safety first!).

I use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop to carefully edit 20-25 images for each client, and often there are several unique combinations of adjustments that need to be applied to individual files, since I try to find a variety of backgrounds and settings, and the light can change.

It’s so important to me that your photographs look amazing – these are your memories, they should look amazing!

Image creation doesn’t end when I put my camera away. It continues long after your photography session and requires several hours at my keyboard to make your pictures look the way they should. This is all part of the Happy Tails experience – I want your images to look their very best!

Questions or comments about the process? Feel free to leave a note!



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Albums are a classic – timeless, cherished and will never go out of style. I love sitting down with my own albums to quietly flip  through the pages, remembering the moments of my son’s babyhood or seeing the increasing white hairs appear over the years on my dog’s muzzle. It’s amazing that I can hold these memories in my hands and revisit them whenever the mood strikes.

It seems others feel the same way and albums have become one of the more popular Happy Tails products. An album tells the story of your pet, the story of your bond and of the day we got together to make the pictures you’re now holding in your hands, bound together in a beautiful archival product.

I’ve recently upgraded my album line to ensure I’m providing the highest quality and most beautiful product that will stand the test of time — you can flip through these albums endlessly and enjoy them for years to come. There are more cover options — fabrics and leatherettes in a wide range of colours, from subtle and textural neutrals to vibrant and happy tones, or a soft-touch lustre photo cover. Custom designed just for you, the pages are thick and sturdy, there’s no middle gutter so pages are seamless and lay flat, and these beauties are hefty and substantial. Albums are available in two sizes: 8×8 and 10×10.

Because I love colour, I ordered my studio sample as a 10×10 album with a leatherette cover in Ocean Blue. I like how it picks up the blue sky and happy vibes on the interior pages.

freddie-2-web freddie-3-web freddie-4-web freddie-5-web freddie-6-webMany clients like to add text that’s meaningful to them, which I love incorporating.

freddie-7-web freddie-8-web freddie-9-webBecause I’m an animal lover, I’ve consciously decided not to offer genuine leather covers. I don’t think it’s necessary because the faux leather options are so high-end – you wouldn’t know the difference! The leatherette colours come in shades of classic to happy, to suit your taste, personality or home decor. The fabrics come in more subtle and neutral tones with a timeless linen look and feel.

freddie-10-webAnd they’re Chloe approved! Signature albums can be ordered on their own or as part of a value-packed Happy Tails collection. If you want your own personalized heirloom album, get in touch today to book a session!



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With our mild winter behind us (yep, I’m calling it!), it’s time to look forward to spring – the longer days, the variety of colours, the change in light. I photographed Bella, a three-year-old boxer, and sister Blue, a sweet one-year-old mastiff, in late April of last year (yes, slightly behind sharing this one!). As a Burlington dog photographer, I always try to deliver a gallery of images that show an array of backgrounds and looks. My time with Bella and Blue shows the variety that spring can offer – it feels like several seasons packed into one gallery of images.

Our initial session date was overcast and a storm was rolling in, but since everyone is local we decided to go ahead and get as much shooting done as possible. I’m glad we did — the grey sky really adds drama and makes the colours pop, and those tall dry grasses are pretty fantastic. About 20 minutes into the session the rain came and we packed it in.

We met again the following day at a local park to finish up, and not only were there leaves on the ground in the wooded areas giving a fall feel, but there was also green grass and cute little spring flowers in the more open areas that sang spring.

Modern, natural pet photography by Burlington dog photographer. Dog photography for terminally ill, sick or elderly pets in Ontario. Pet portrait of mastiff dog in spring grasses of natural park in Burlington, Ontario. Boxer dog on rock with dramatic stormy sky by Happy Tails Pet Photography, best Ontario pet photographer. Remembering your dog with pet photography in the Burlington, Oakville and the GTA. Professional dog photography in Ontario. Boxer dog waits to catch ball in Kernscliff Park pet photography session. Boxer dog catches a ball and plays in Burlington park. Burlington pet and family photography. Girl showing love to her dog, human animal bond. Dog and family photographer in Ontario and GTA. Pet portrait of Mastiff Dog in Oakville park. Candid, natural outdoor pet photography in Oakville, Ontario. Oakville pet and family photographer. A young couple with two dogs in beautiful outdoor setting by Happy Tails Pet Photography in Oakville dog photography session.Blue is kind of hard to move — once she decides she’s sitting, she’s sitting! Pet photography of Mastiff dog in spring flowers. Oakville pet photographer. Modern Ontario dog photography. Girl plays with her dog in Ontario park.

This was actually a Celebration Session for Bella, who at only three was diagnosed with canine lymphoma. She has since passed away and is so missed – she was a wonderful friend. I’m so happy I could provide these memories for her family.



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